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Volcano Falls Adventure Golf

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Volcano Falls Adventure Golf

Volcano Falls Adventure Golf is a mesmerizing journey of endless excitement and adventure. Choosing between three fantastical themed courses such as Coney Island Carnival, Club Tropicana and of course Volcano Valley, you will be transported to a world of fun and thrills.

As you step onto the Volcano Valley course, you'll be greeted by the rumbling sounds of ferocious dinosaurs and the distant roar of a volcano, setting the stage for a captivating adventure.

Then it's off to Coney Island Carnival! Duck Shoot, Helter Skelter and Plinko are among some of the amazing obstacles you will come across as you make your way through this amazing carnival setting! "Step right up, Step right up!" Why not grab yourself a cocktail at the carnival bar?

Next get on down to Club Tropicana where drinks are delicious and the adventure golf continues! Surrounded by beach, waves and our tiki bar, you'll feel like you've just stepped off the plane in an exotic island!

Navigate your way through each of these brilliantly designed 12 hole courses, each with their own unique challenges and surprises as you putt your way to victory!

Not finished yet?
Why not challenge your friends & family to our Interactive darts! Our amazing augmented reality darts are an incredible way to keep the fun rolling! Infusing the timeless sport of darts with cutting-edge technology to create an electrifying experience. In this dynamic fusion of precision and innovation, players step up to a futuristic dartboard that responds to their every throw. As your dart hits the board, you'll be immersed in thrilling graphics and responsive challenges that add a whole new dimension to the game.

Still with us??
Step onto the ultimate stage of musical euphoria with our state-of-the-art karaoke booth. This private sanctuary is where your inner superstar shines, where your voice takes center stage, and where memories are made. With the dazzling ambiance of colorful lights and huge library of songs from your favorite artists, we've set the scene for an unforgettable experience!


Volcano Falls Adventure Golf
Unit 5a-5b
Volcano Falls Xscape
602 Marlborough Gate
Milton Keynes MK9 3XS

01908 973580




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To play one course…
Adventurer – £8.95 (12Yrs +)
Explorer – £6.50 (up to 11Yrs)
Family Ticket – £25

To play two courses…
Adventurer – £15.00 (12Yrs +)
Explorer – £11.00 (Up to 11yrs)
Family Ticket – £45

Karaoke – from £25 for 6 people

Electronic darts – from £25 for 6 people


Monday 10.30am – 10pm
Tuesday 10.30am – 10pm
Wednesday 10.30am – 10pm
Thursday 10.30am – 10pm
Friday 10.30am – 11PM
Saturday 10am – 11pM
Sunday 10am – 10pm


  • Birthday Parties available
  • Group bookings welcome
  • Christmas party offers
  • Licensed bar
  • Cashless location – credit or debit card only