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And great minds agree. The code-breakers of Bletchley Park brought innovation to our city in the Second World War, using their ingenuity to crack German codes. Now you can discover Station X, where it all happened, exploring the heart of wartime operations and the birthplace of the modern computer.

Developing minds is something we’re passionate about, and we’ve got some of the best schools and colleges around. For example, Milton Keynes College has a vast range of courses and vocational training – no wonder it’s the fastest-growing college in the UK.

Contemporary learning continues at the Open University, where degree-level education is open to everyone. The nation can find higher education wherever they may be, all from the OU’s headquarters here at Walton Hall. Then there’s the innovative new University Centre Milton Keynes – UCMK – a hub with stunning new facilities and exciting courses in the heart of the city.  

We’re a city of firsts when it comes to environmental brainwaves too. We built the world’s first solar-powered house, and we’re now playing a vital role in the development of electric and sustainable transport.

Milton Keynes Theatre Creative Learning department offers courses, classes and opportunities for young people and adults to explore the world of theatre, including acting, costumes and makeup. At MK Gallery you’ll also find a multi-award-winning programme considered to be at the forefront of gallery education nationally.

Milton Keynes really is in a class of its own.


UCMK is the newest addition to the vibrant, wider University of Bedfordshire population of 24,000 students from around the world and is committed to providing high-quality education and excellence in teaching, learning and support.

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MK Theatre Creative Learning

Milton Keynes Theatre is proud to support an extensive programme of Creative Learning activities in its venue and in the local community.

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The Open University

The Open University (OU) is a public distance learning and research university, and one of the biggest universities in the UK for undergraduate education.

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Cranfield University

Cranfield University offers a wide range of learning opportunities including education and research degree courses and extensive professional development training programmes.

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