Upside Down House opens in Midsummer Place - Destination Milton Keynes
Upside Down House opens in Midsummer Place

Upside Down House opens in Midsummer Place

Something exciting has just landed in Milton Keynes that is set to turn your world upside down – literally!

Upside Down House™, the UK’s first inverted experience, has arrived in Midsummer Place shopping centre. The extraordinary two-storey inverted home offers a zero-gravity style experience located in Oak Court.

The distinctive seven metre high pink house sits on its head and has a unique, fully furnished interior with real life-sized furniture including a bedroom, a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and office that are all upside down.

Customers can walk on the ceiling, go up and downstairs, do handstands on the bed without taking their feet off the floor, and you will never get bored, as the decorations change with the seasons.

A great day out for the family to get as creative as possible, whether you are into photography or not, you will be able to take unique photos that you can share on social media with your friends and family.

Tom Dirse, CEO at Upside Down House™ UK, said: “We are extremely excited to have partnered with Midsummer Place in Milton Keynes. This is a fantastic location for our latest Upside Down House and I am sure it will be a fun experience for children and adults, too.”

Shelley Peppard, general manager at Midsummer Place said: “This is a fantastic addition to the centre that can be enjoyed by everyone and as there’s nothing like it in the region, we’re expecting people to come from far afield to enjoy this topsy turvy experience.”

For the first time ever, guests will have the opportunity to turn their creative images into personalised memorabilia through MyMoments, by simply scanning one of the QR codes in the house and uploading their images.

With a variety of designs and products to choose from guests will be able to turn their world upside down for good with a keepsake. Once ordered products will be sent to their home address in 1-3 working days.

Tickets to visit the Upside Down House™ cost £5 per person – under 3s go free – and can be booked online at