Unity Place all set to open in July 2023 - Destination Milton Keynes
Unity Place all set to open in July 2023

Unity Place all set to open in July 2023

July 2023 will see the eagerly awaited opening of Unity Place – a multi-purpose destination set to bring together community, business and leisure through a shared ethos, powered by sustainability and a planet-first approach.

Like Milton Keynes itself, Unity Place will be future-forward and inclusive, and the purposefully designed building will create new spaces for communities, both as an industry-leading ‘green’ workplace and a vibrant visitor attraction. The venue will be a landmark destination, shaping the future landscape of Milton Keynes, with aspirations of becoming a true hub for the ever-evolving city.

Unity Place will open as a purpose built, multi-functional facility, designed with community at its core. The space will bring a fresh new wave of business and exciting attractions to Milton Keynes, and is located in the heart of the flourishing city – indeed, Unity Place will be the first building people see upon leaving the Milton Keynes Central train station. Accessible for locals and visitors alike, this venue will be a valuable and future-proof contribution to the city’s landscape, both physically and
figuratively. Sustainability and connectivity have been of paramount importance throughout every phase of Unity Place, and it is proud to open as a leading social enterprise hub of the area. Unity Place will be celebrating the likes of Milton Keynes Pride and many more community-focused events and celebrations throughout the year, as well as big-screening key sports events and momentous occasions.

Dubbed the ‘City of the Future,’ Milton Keynes is a shining example of the geography of the UK’s ‘new’ economy; it is one of the best places in the country for businesses specialising in new technologies and industries of the future, and well-connected with several other business hubs in the UK such as Birmingham, Oxford and London. Not only will Unity Place facilitate the creation of jobs in the neighbourhood, but it will also contribute further dynamism to a city which is seeing an influx of young, London-migrants who are finding happy and accessible alternatives to London living. Unity Place draws on the local history of the area, acknowledging the innovation and invention that played such an incredible part in shaping Milton Keynes’ development. Cutting edge technology is at the heart of the building, and all design decisions have been made to offer superb digital connectivity and accessibility features so that all guests feel valued and understood.

The people of Milton Keynes are at the heart of Unity Place. The Urban Food Market will work with the best local street food vendors to curate exciting and high-quality street food experiences. These local entrepreneurs will be provided with a platform to promote their products to win peoples’ hearts and minds, highlighting their offer across innovative and publicly accessible spaces. There will also be a rooftop venue, the Unity Sky Lounge, opening as a year-round destination with stunning views and a fantastic food and beverage offering, providing an experience unlike anything else in the city.The community-centric approach is further reflected through select partnerships with businesses and social enterprises that have a clear purpose of giving back to the society. There will also be a bookable community hall, with a ‘village hall’ feel, designed to provide welcoming spaces for vibrant community-led events, activities, and exhibitions.

Every partnership in Unity Place is well considered and fundamentally aligned to our vision. Change Please Coffee, who use sustainably sourced coffee and zero-plastic, biodegradable cups, will be served throughout. This social enterprise puts 100% of their profits from coffee sales into changing the lives of people experiencing homelessness by training them to become coffee baristas as well as providing other supports like a living wage job, housing, onward employment opportunities and more. Toast’s Microbrewery not only plays a key role in minimising food waste by using fresh surplus bread to make delicious craft beer, but they have also open sourced a bread beer recipe so that homebrewers can avoid food waste in their home. Toast donates all their profits to environmental charities fixing the food system and helping the planet. And their ownership model is based on ‘Equity for Good’ principles, where all investors pledge to reinvest any net capital gains in businesses with an environmental mission to ensure value creations does good, not harm.

From conception, Unity Place’s building partner, John Sisk & Son, has worked with Recycle Lives as waste manager. Recycle Lives supports former service personnel, ex-offenders, and disadvantaged people to build better lives by providing support, training and employment opportunities within the company, and Unity Place is proud to have worked together on this ongoing partnership throughout the project.

Above and beyond hospitality, Unity Place advocates collaborative working. Alongside being the new HQ for Santander UK, the venue will also house x+why, a flexible workspace provider that supports a community of members who believe that business should be used as a force for good. As a B Corpcertified business, verified by B Lab to meet exacting standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, x+why is committed to people and the planet, as well as profit through its world-class, green workspace and a curated calendar of events and socials programmes.

Spokesperson for Unity Place, says: ‘We are proud to bring Milton Keynes’ newest destination for dining, work and leisure to life. Unity Place is more than a future-forward workplace that propels innovation and inspiration. This sustainably designed building is dedicated to enhancing well-being and collaboration as an innovative hub for the community. It is also the new home to renown chefs, local eateries, social enterprises, business ventures, wellness amenities and outstanding conference and event facilities. We can’t wait to welcome our colleagues, business and social partners, and members of the public.’

For more information head to the Unity Place website.