The Parks Trust announces the winners of their 2019 photography competition - Destination Milton Keynes

The Parks Trust announces the winners of their 2019 photography competition

The Parks TrustThe Parks Trust have announced the winners of their 2019 Photography Competition. For this year’s competition they asked amateur photographers to capture Wildlife and Landscapes across Milton Keynes, they wanted to see the variety of wildlife that could be caught on camera as well as the beautiful green spaces brought to life, and this year the entries did not disappoint. They received some stunning photographs in both the youth and the adult sections of the competition, making this year's judging particularly difficult.

In total they received 143 entries from people across Milton Keynes.  A winner was chosen for each category and from these photographs an overall winner of the competition was selected. The photographs were judged by a panel of team members at The Parks Trust.

Congratulations to Phil Crowe who was the overall winner of the competition with his amazing photograph of the fox at Willen Lake. Phil's photograph really stood out, with the judges loving the composition of this picture with the fox staring directly into the camera and the reflection in the water. They also really liked the mood of the image, the dark colours and prowling stance of the fox really grabbed the attention.

Congratulations also go to the winners from the other categories. The winner of the Adult Landscape category is Jude Bennett with her energetic image of children and dogs running in Campbell Park. The winner of the Youth Landscape category was Chloe Loveland who captured the Light Pyramid at Campbell Park. And Ella Angell was the winner of Youth Wildlife category. Ella managed to capture a brilliant close-up of a wasp.

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