Pop-in body MOT could change your life at Midsummer Place - Destination Milton Keynes
Pop-in body MOT could change your life at Midsummer Place

Pop-in body MOT could change your life at Midsummer Place

One of Midsummer Place’s ‘Hatch’ competition winners, the Body MOT Studio is now open and already helping to change lives.

Darren Pyefinch, Founder of The Body MOT Studio won the competition for small businesses to secure free retail space earlier this year, and has now set up his fitness centre in the heart of the city. Having already assisted dozens of people through the company’s unique fitness ‘MOT’, he is determined to help busy people get toned, get fit, and feel full of energy again.

The science-driven ‘Body MOT’ is designed to identify the reasons an individual can’t achieve their weight loss and overall body fitness goals. By testing and measuring weight, muscle %, bone density, body fat %, type 2 diabetic fat %, hormone levels, hydration and chronic inflammation, the MOT gives a non-invasive medical grade report.

“The same system is used by doctors to help people identify ailments. Ultimately, we want to find the best path to a better and healthier lifestyle,” said Darren. “Every person is unique, and the test report gives you bespoke data making it one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market.

“Following the results, which can be obtained in just 10 minutes, we advise you on the right foods for you to eat to lose body fat, get toned, increase energy and improve health. You can also choose our bespoke plan of exercise and personalised fitness training based on just three x 30-minute sessions a week.”

The studio has been designed to allow people to achieve their fitness targets in just 30-minute intervals. You will not sweat at all when you use the equipment, making it highly popular with business people on their lunch break or those that don’t feel comfortable in the gym environment,” adds Darren.

Shelley Peppard, General Manager at Midsummer Place said: “Darren impressed us all from the start and has continued to bring his energy and passion through to his new home in Midsummer Place. I wish him all the very best and I look forward to having my own MOT soon.”

The Body MOT Studio is already working with busy CEOs from national companies, people with mobility issues and obesity, athletes and sports people and anyone with a fitness goal in mind.

The Body MOT Studio is located opposite Sports Direct in Midsummer Place and is freely open for walk-ins or appointments. To find out more, visit www.bodymotstudio.com

The Body MOT Studio was a winner from the Hatch competition that invited small businesses in the region to pitch for free retail space. Dozens of entries were received, and 11 finalists made it to the judging panel. Many of the finalists and applicants have been invited to attend the Hatch Market that will be in the centre on Saturday 24 – Sunday 25 September 2022.