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Fancy a new brew at MK Gallery Café?

Fancy a new brew at MK Gallery Café?

Did you know that MK Gallery Café customers drank more than 9,203 cups of tea last year – proof that for some it’s the best drink of the day, and for others it’s one of life’s essentials. That’s why the Café team is brewing a new, seriously good tea for its customers.

Hot on the heels of switching coffee supplier to Milk & Beans – MK’s only speciality coffee roaster – Andrew Papworth, Café Manager, has upped the ante on the tea leaves it serves and selected independent Brew Tea Co. as its preferred supplier.

‘As The Brew Company states, it’s not ‘just’ a cup of tea. We want to give people more than the usual dunked teabag. These rolled whole tea leaves not only taste smoother and richer, but the brew is also an experience to behold. We serve the tea in a showcasing glass tea jug with an inbuilt strainer and give customers a three-minute sand timer to help them capture the essence of time to brew to their own taste.’

Phil Kirby, co-founder, Brew Tea Co. says, ‘We’re pleased that the Gallery Café has joined our mission to fly the flag for tea drinkers everywhere, challenging the status quo and making their experiences awesome, one by one. We’re constantly making sure that our tea doesn’t just taste good. It’s always sustainably and ethically sourced, and we know exactly where it comes from. We hope your customers enjoy the finished cup – it’s worth the brew time wait!’

For a piece of quiet and a seriously good quality, tasty drink, a cuppa Brew Tea in the Gallery Café is only £2.60. The choice includes English Breakfast; Early Grey; Yunnan Green; Chai; Decaffeinated Ceylon; Lemon and Ginger; Apple and Blackberry; and Moroccan Mint.