Discover the independent restaurants at Xscape Milton Keynes - Destination Milton Keynes
Discover the independent restaurants at Xscape Milton Keynes

Discover the independent restaurants at Xscape Milton Keynes

Whether you are looking to grab a quick bite or something for a family dinner, Xscape Milton Keynes is home to some of the most delicious independents that you should check out next time you’re visiting the centre.

We’re here to help you decide…

Hot Chicken Wings at Wing Kingz

When in doubt, order chicken wings! No matter the weather, the crunchy and hot chicken wings at Wing Kingz are a forever mood. Drop in for some lip-smacking wings and live sports.

Punjabi Food at the Multi-Award Winning Namji

If you like savoury and spicy, Namji is the place to be! There is nothing better than the satisfaction that their Punjabi food provides. They recently bagged the ‘Best Restaurant’ award at the national Asian Food & Restaurant Awards and Owner Naseem Khan was also crowned ‘Curry Queen of the Year’ at the ceremony.

Relish the Kobe delicacy

Kobe Steakhouse & Cocktail Lounge is the ultimate place if you love a good steak. It is one of only 10 registered restaurants certified to sell Japanese Kobe and Wagyu beef in the UK – and the only one outside of London. Not just their steaks but their cocktails are unmissable!

Taste the Mediterranean at Sumac Room

Get a taste of Mediterranean cuisine at Sumac Room. Their food will remind you of sun-soaked getaways and will deliver comfort unlike any other. They use wholesome ingredients such as lean proteins, fresh vegetables, beans, and olive oil in their recipes. (Sumac Room pictured)

Discover the authentic taste of Italy at Casa Cento

There is a history to Italian food that goes back thousands of years, and there’s a basic value of respecting food. Italian food is seasonal. It is simple. It is flavorful. It is colorful. It’s all the things that make for a good eating experience.

Grab a coffee at Xpressonet

Xpressonet is a family-owned friendly cafe. Originally started as an Internet Cafe in 2003 however, with the growth in technology, they now focus on being a unique and relaxed cafe serving awesome coffee and delicious food. They also offer free WiFi and plenty of plug points. It is not only a perfect spot to have a hot drink with a friend but also for remote working.

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