American Diner 'Route 66' to open at centre:mk - Destination Milton Keynes
American Diner ‘Route 66’ to open at centre:mk

American Diner ‘Route 66’ to open at centre:mk

Route 66 is the ultimate American fast food experience and is cruising its way to the centre:mk.

Route 66 has all things American from a small diner where you can sit and enjoy their signature “The 66er” Hotdog to Pop Tarts, Cookie Dough with Ice Cream, Waffles and Waffle Dogs all with an American thick milkshake, and of course Reese’s Hot Chocolate, Hershey’s Hot Chocolate or Cookies & Cream Hot Chocolate.

The diner is located in Silbury Arcade, opposite the 02 store and can seat up to 20 customers. Opening on Friday 14 July, it will be a vibrant but casual eating experience catering to the broad range of centre:mk visitors.

If you just want a take away or sit down it’s a perfect location for lunch, a snack or just a treat.

In their retail area, there is a massive array of American Pick & Mix as well as American snacks, Nachos, Chips (or Crisps as we call them in the UK!) and of course American Soda…have you tried an A&W Root Beer float? It’s not to be missed!