Upside Down House at Midsummer Place - REVIEW - Destination Milton Keynes
Upside Down House at Midsummer Place – REVIEW

Upside Down House at Midsummer Place – REVIEW

We went to check out the very strange house that has ‘landed’ at Midsummer Place shopping centre. Let’s face it, you can’t really miss it, the huge vibrantly coloured ‘Upside Down House’ is located in the open air section of the centre for all to see.

The basic idea is that it’s an ‘inverted photo experience’ – you head inside and everything is the wrong way up!

I’ll be honest, it takes a little bit of time to get used to the sensation inside. The floors (and they do warn you) are slanted slightly to make the photos work, so you feel a little out of sorts to start with but that soon passed for us.

There are two floors – downstairs is a entry corridor and then a bathroom to the left and a child’s nursery in front. There are spiral stairs that take you up to the second floor which features a kitchen diner, bedroom and a few smaller areas included a Christmas tree (we visited on 11/12). It was a bit smaller than we expected from looking at the outside but they limit the numbers going inside, so you can get really good photos, with no huge crowds.

We took two children (aged 10) and they both loved it. It took a bit of getting used when taking photos, you take them as normal and then either invert your phone or when you’re done invert the actual photos to get the best effect. We found the best photos were when the subjects weren’t looking directly at the camera, make it more natural and then when you invert, they definitely look better. As we got used to our surroundings we tried a few fun shots, especially in the bathroom and the kids wanted to do the classic ‘Spider-Man’ hanging upside down shot.

Tickets are just £3.50 (weekday) or £4.50 (weekend) per person (including children over 3 years old) when booked online (£4 or £5 per person for a walk up tickets depending on the day you visit), and for that price it is well worth it to get some very amusing photos for your social feeds.

Please note: when booking online, you book for the day not a specific time slot. Once booked, you can arrive at anytime during their opening times for that specific day.

More information at the Upside Down House website.