#LoveMK Day 2020 to celebrate the incredible people of Milton Keynes - Destination Milton Keynes
#LoveMK Day 2020 to celebrate the  incredible people of Milton Keynes

#LoveMK Day 2020 to celebrate the incredible people of Milton Keynes

#LoveMK Day 2020Destination Milton Keynes (DMK), the official tourism organisation for MK, is holding the 8th annual #LoveMK Day on Thursday 30 April 2020. During these unprecedented times, they are changing the emphasis to focus on the people of Milton Keynes who are currently going above and beyond.

Each year #LoveMK Day aims to promote Milton Keynes as a leisure and business destination but it also harnesses the pride that many people have in their city, and given the current circumstances that pride is shining through in some truly extraordinary ways.

This year, DMK really wants to encourage people across MK to use social media to highlight the many people going out every day supporting their community, whether that be our incredible NHS staff at MK Hospital or at GP surgeries, or the retail workers keeping our supermarkets open and stocked, the bus drivers, the pharmacists, the care home and hospice workers, the teachers, council staff and many, many more. They have partnered with intu Milton Keynes who is kindly donating 4 x £50 giftcards to give out randomly to deserving people via social channels, so they can treat themselves once we get back to some normality.

DMK and partners throughout the city will be asking the MK Twitter community to use the hashtag #LoveMK on all their tweets on 30 April and with the kids at home – why not encourage them to get creative with the hashtag – paint it, sew it, make it out of flowers, bake something, you name it – they want to see it!

Everyone can get involved, you can download the special #LoveMK  colouring poster for 2020 – colour it in and put it in your window and take a picture…then post it on our social channels; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. DOWNLOAD HERE

And how about enacting your very own ‘Random Act of Kindness’ on the day. This doesn’t have to be anything huge and should mean you don’t have to leave your house unnecessarily; bake something for your neighbours, maybe leave a thankful note for your postman, or just make a phone call to a friend or family member.

Carys Underwood, Marketing Manager at DMK, said “This year’s #LoveMK Day is particularly significant with so much love, dedication and care being seen across Milton Keynes every day and we want to celebrate this by shouting about the ordinary stories of MK residents going that extra mile. Please get involved and help spread the #LoveMK.”

To find out more about Destination Milton Keynes or #LoveMK Day head to their social media pages.