Bletchley Park solves The Patch MK’s Enigma Maze! - Destination Milton Keynes
Bletchley Park solves The Patch MK’s Enigma Maze!

Bletchley Park solves The Patch MK’s Enigma Maze!

The Patch MK invited a small group of staff and volunteers from Bletchley Park to open their new giant maze and be the first to solve its mysteries. The maze is created in the shape of an Enigma machine which is synonymous with Bletchley Park and its codebreaking work during World War Two.

The maze is part of The Patch MK’s Fun Fields, featuring other mazes, and hides boards with interactive codes, riddles and ciphers for visitors to solve to reveal a hidden word. Visitors can then submit their answer to be in with a chance of winning an incredible prize all donated by local businesses!

The Enigma machine was used during World War Two by the German navy, army and air force to encode their messages to keep them secret. Bletchley Park was the home of British codebreaking during World War Two and the site where codebreakers, like Alan Turing, broke the Enigma machine encryption, allowing the Allies to read top-secret information that aided with the war effort. The site is now a museum and heritage attraction, open daily to visitors.

Bletchley Park is open every day with activities and tours for families and live music throughout August. Those who live within a 10-mile radius can receive half price admission, which is an annual pass that allows unlimited free return visits for a whole year. Children under 12 also get in free. For more details go to

The Patch MK is a family run farm who have diversified into seasonal events. Their summer event consists of the Enigma Maze, The Lost World dinosaur maze, the musical maze, Flower Fields (including sunflowers, wildflowers, wheat and a nature area) and the Fun Fields with over 35 different attractions for families and friends to enjoy this summer. The Patch MK is open from Saturday 29th July until the end of August and tickets are available to book via their website

Joseph Gurney from The Patch MK said: “With Milton Keynes being a new city it is easy to forget the history that predates it. We wanted to celebrate the deep cultural and historical impact that this area has had, not only locally but on a global scale. It is truly remarkable!”