Dining in the Dark returns to Calcutta Brasserie - Destination Milton Keynes
Dining in the Dark returns to Calcutta Brasserie

Dining in the Dark returns to Calcutta Brasserie

The acclaimed ‘Dining In The Dark’ experience is returning to the multi-award winning Calcutta Brasserie.

On Thursday 26th May, we’ll be giving you the chance to discover our delicious Indian cuisine in a completely new way with the unique culinary experience that enhances your tastebuds.

This extremely popular culinary evening is a twist on your typical dining experience, with diners submerged in darkness for a unique sensory adventure.

A candle-lit pathway will guide diners through the 17th Century chapel to their table where they will be given a blindfold to try a special set menu designed to tantalise their tastebuds.

As the sense of sight is removed, the senses of taste and smell will be heightened just in time to enjoy the fragrant aromas and sensational flavours of the restaurant’s award winning menu as guests are able to really focus on each individual note of the complex flavours in each mouthful.

Restaurant Manager Ali Ajmol said, “Dine in the Dark was a great success when we first introduced it and people are always asking me when we are going to do it again. We are so excited to bring it back for 2022!’

To reserve a table for the ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience contact Calcutta Brasserie on 01908 566577, the set menu costs £24.95 per person for three courses including dessert and there are meat and vegetarian options available.