Meditative Labyrinth Walk - Destination Milton Keynes
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Meditative Labyrinth Walk

Start Date: 23/06/2024

End Date: 23/06/2024

Start Time: 10:00 am

End Time: 1:00 pm

Cost of Entry: £5

Campbell Park

Armillary Sphere Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, MK9 3FZ, GB


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Walking the Path: Embracing Reflection

Join us at the Armillary Sphere for a transformative Labyrinth Walk, designed to reconnect you with your innate power. This unique event combines the ancient practice of labyrinth walking with guided reflections, creating a profound experience of self-discovery and renewal.

What to Expect:
Embark on a meditative journey where each step is a passage into deeper self-awareness, and will take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. Be guided through information at each thoughtfully crafted reflection points, each an invitation to connect deeply with the powerhouse you are. Our spiritual facilitators will start you off with empowering guidance to ensure a fulfilling experience.