Gratte Ciel: Place des Anges - Destination Milton Keynes
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Gratte Ciel: Place des Anges

Start Date: 29/07/2023

End Date: 29/07/2023

Start Time: 9:45 pm

End Time: 10:45 pm

Cost of Entry: £6

IF: Milton Keynes International Festival

Secklow Gate D3 Car Park, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3NE, GB

01908 280800

[email protected]

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A beautiful, astonishing and breathtaking spectacle to enchant audiences of all ages.

As night falls across the city, angels begin to appear, high up in the sky. They move through the air, magically suspended above the crowd below. The angels start to glide down into the audience, releasing white feathers which float across the sky. Each angel has their own unique character and style and as their aerial antics become more boisterous, the clouds of feathers thicken, creating a sense of awe and wonder.

This is only the third time that Place des Anges has been performed in the UK - the two previous performances took place at London's Cultural Olympiad in 2012 and for Hull's UK Capital of Culture programme in 2016.

Don't miss one of the highlights of this year's Festival!

To find out more about the performance, including access information, see our Place des Anges FAQs

Place des Anges
Written and directed by Pierrot Bidon and Stéphane Girard
Produced by Gratte Ciel