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The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde

Venue: Stantonbury, MK
Date: 10 Mar 2020
Times: 7.30 pm

The Strange Case of Jekyll & Hyde
Tuesday 10th March @ 7.30pm

Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes

 “The object of power is power.” George Orwell

2020.  The President of The United States has fallen, impeached for corruption and now awaits trial.  As the American senate slides into chaos, election fever grips the nation.  In the wake of yet another mass shooting, Mayor Henry Jekyll, a bold, young, liberal independent, announces his candidacy to run for the Oval Office.  His one promise: to end America’s toxic love affair with guns.  Emboldened by a landmark level of public support, Jekyll’s victory seems almost inevitable.

However, as Voting Day draws ever nearer, Gabrielle Utterson, Jekyll’s press secretary grows increasingly suspicious of her mayor’s close friend – Mister Edward Hyde.  As the rumours and accusations multiply, Utterson must race to uncover exactly what power Hyde holds over Jekyll – culminating in a final dark night, where all secrets are told, all truths are found, and a dreadful reckoning will take place.

Fifteen-time Off West End Award-Nominated Arrows & Traps Theatre bring their critically acclaimed modern twist to Robert Louis Stevenson’s iconic gothic classic, reimagining it as a gripping political thriller set in the halls of American power. This bold new adaptation stays true to the original text’s themes, making it a great night of entertainment for fans for the novella, a thrilling and clear physicalisation for GCSE students of the text, and the perfect launching point for newcomers to the tale. Based on the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson  Written & Directed by Ross McGregor

Tickets £15 / concessions £13
Suitable for age 14+
Contains violence and strong language
For more information and to book call Stantonbury Theatre, box office on 01908 324466.
They can also be purchased online from

Venue                Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes


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