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Enter The Dragons

Venue: Stantonbury, MK
Date: 07 Nov 2019
Times: 7.30 pm

Enter The Dragons

Thursday 7th November, 7.30pm

An archetypal Hero is reframed as a mature woman in the modern world. Gripped with fear at her advancing years, she sets off on an epic quest to defeat Chronos, the god of time, and halt the inevitable - ageing. Will she succeed?

Enter the Dragons is an hilarious, surreal odyssey through the challenges of growing older, which explodes myths about beauty, sex and femininity. Expect fantastical characters, ridiculous puppetry and extreme wigs. A knock-out combination of joy and dissent for anyone considering ageing.

Written and performed by École Philippe Gaulier alumni Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards, this award-winning production mixes elements of clowning, puppetry and physical comedy with a narrative that expertly subverts the traditional hero’s journey.  Enter the Dragons navigates modern ideals of beauty, sex and feminism as the protagonist must overcome the challenges and riddles set by the mystical characters who inhabit the landscape of the Banished.

Tickets £13  Concessions £11
Suitable for ages 14+  (contains strong language and nudity)

For more information and to book call Stantonbury Theatre, box office on 01908 324466.
They can also be purchased online from

Venue                Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes
Box Office         01908 324466 Online

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