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Gourmet Burger Kitchen

So Gourmet Burger Kitchen in The Hub has had a makeover! The restaurant was shut for a few weeks so they could work their magic and I must admit it was definitely worth it. It looks more ‘grown up’ with wood floors and moodier lighting and it even features one of the restaurant’s famous tomato shaped ketchup bottles – but with a twist. The giant tomato sits proudly outside the front door and it too has had a makeover, it’s black and white just like the famous Milton Keynes Concrete Cows!

Even though I’ve been a few times it still amazes me that you can have a whole restaurant devoted to the humble ‘burger’. That word normally conjures up images of greasy slabs of meat inside limp and unappetising buns – but you couldn’t be more wrong!

GBK originated from three New Zealanders’ simply craving food the way it tasted back home. In New Zealand the burger is a revered dish but the concept is very different to what we are used to in the UK.  GBK has knocked this right on the head and presents a range of burgers all freshly prepared using the finest ingredients available. Still not convinced…then read on.

When you arrive at the restaurant you are struck by the laid-back style, once you’re shown to your table the staff explain the menu and how to order. You’re given a table number and you order yourself, when you’re ready, at the burger bar. The menu is simply unbelievable. I am simply staggered with how many different types of burgers they can actually create. We counted over 30 including the junior burgers (for little people or people with a small appetite). You can get everything from the simple beef burger through to a Greek Lamb burger complete with houmous and fresh chilli. There really is something for everyone.

I’d taken my vegetarian father along with me to see what an ‘all burger’ restaurant could offer someone who didn’t eat meat.  We were pleasantly surprised.  There were four different veggie options (including a junior option) plus you can always ‘create your own’ and various salads. We chose the ‘The Billy’ with aubergine, panko crumbed goats cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, rocket, mayo and relish – quite a mouthful.  I went for one of the special burgers – so named because they include 100% organic meat straight from Laverstoke Park Farm. The Organic Buffalo burger was slightly more expensive but you certainly get what you pay for.

When it came, the Veggie option was simply huge. It was so big it needed two sticks through the middle to hold it all in place. In fact, the waitress commented after we had finished, that my father may be the first person to actually finish the whole burger! The Buffalo burger wasn’t much smaller and with tomato, lettuce, red onion and garlic mayo, it took quite a while to finish off. And don’t get me started on the taste – simply superb – you can tell the ingredients used are fresh and the chefs obviously know what they are doing as the burger was cooked to perfection.

Side dishes such as chips, homemade dipping sauces and salads are extra, but I quite liked that as there is nothing worse than a huge burger coming with a pile of chips that you just can’t finish so the choice is yours. I would highly recommend the BBQ dipping sauce made using 18 different ingredients. Only ice cream is available on the dessert menu, but why would you need more than that – I couldn’t eat another thing for three days!

There is a ‘Junior Menu’ available (£6.50) with a choice of three different burgers plus the choice of one from a number of different extras including chips, salad, drinks or ice cream so you can tailor what they have depending on how hungry they are, a nice touch.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen does exactly what it says on the tin – wonderful burgers produced to the highest standards at very reasonable prices; it will make me think twice about going to McDonalds ever again!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen would be great for a lunchtime meal or a get together with friends. The atmosphere is lively and quite loud but once you get into the spirit of the place you’ll enjoy every minute. My advice would be don’t eat for at least six hours before you go and don’t expect to eat for a long while afterwards – gourmet burgers are the new haute cuisine and GBK is the place to find some of the very best!


Children’s menu
Junior burgers are available

Disabled facilities
Restaurant is all on one level so gives easy access. Also has dedicated disabled toilets.

Free 3 hours parking at Sainsburys (just two minute walk). Other daytime parking can be difficult and costly (pay and display). Evenings, after 6.00pm, there is plenty of parking available and it is free.

Other amenities
Small alfresco dining area is available to enjoy your burger in the open air.  Phone orders are welcome – just collect from the restaurant.