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Your 5p makes a difference at Frosts Garden Centres

Date Posted:02/01/2018

Frosts donationJust over two years ago, on the 5 October 2015, the law changed and required large shops in England to charge 5p for all single-use plastic carrier bags, in order to reduce the waste which they create.

Most people are now stocking up on bags for life and the use of single-use carrier bags has dropped a whopping 85% since the 5p charge was introduced and Frosts Garden Centres are one of those businesses who have noticed a huge drop in single use carrier bag sales. For those Frosts customers who still use single use carrier bags, or for those who forget to pick up their bags for life, 5p carrier bags can still be purchased but that 5p now goes a long way.

This year, Frosts Garden Centres in Willington, Millets Farm, Woburn Sands and Brampton have been saving their 5p carrier bag sales and rather than pocketing the change, have decided to donate it all to a charity of each centres choices.

So far, Willington have donated £309.10 to BDHRA (Bedford Disabled Horse Riding Association), a charity dedicated to improving the lives of people through education, therapy and fun. Millets Farm have donated £908.70 to the Helen & Douglas House and £908.70 to The Motor Neurone Disease Society. Woburn Sands has donated £1438.20 to Emily’s Star who raise awareness of Trisomy 18 which is the UK's 2nd most common syndrome and £500 to Hula which is an animal rescue welfare charity providing sanctuary for dogs, cats or other domestic animals until new homes can be found and finally Brampton have raised £382.65 for the Huntingdon Rotary Club.

“Although carrier bag sales have dropped significantly, our shoppers do still need to buy the odd bag and we encourage them to reuse that 5p bag as much as possible,” says Managing Director James Frost. “We decided to donate our bag sales to local charities across all centres this year and it has been fantastic to be able to donate to so many organisations.”

So next time shoppers are at Frosts Garden Centre and have forget their trusty bag for life, they can rest assured that their 5p will be going to a good cause.