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Date Posted:12/04/2016

Dominoes in Milton KeynesOn one amazing day this July, Milton Keynes will be the setting for a very unique event and you can be part of it.!

In a celebration of Milton Keynes’ people and places, what could be the longest line of super-sized dominoes ever seen will weave across the city taking in in shopping areas, leisure facilities, residential areas, restaurants, bars and boulevards.

Dominoes is a one-off event for Milton Keynes, bought to the city by IF: Milton Keynes International Festival (15 - 24 July) and created by international company Station House Opera. It will take place on Saturday 16 July.

Thousands of special blocks will be used to create a moving domino line that runs across 2 kilometres of the city, unfolding over the course of the day.

Along the route there will be sculptural features, highlight ‘performances’ or gravity-defying ‘tricks’. This extraordinary event definitely has a unique wow-factor!

An international phenomenon, Dominoes has featured in cities across the world including Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rotterdam and Melbourne. See Dominoes in Marseille below: (go to 1.28 minutes to the start of the line)

How to be part of Dominoes…

The Festival is inviting groups, companies and individuals to take part in this unique event and help build the domino line.  Can you get involved? Can you promote within your organisation and commit a team to join theDominoes team?

Participants receive a Dominoes T-shirt and backpack, a packed lunch, drinks and other useful items for the day. There will also be a party at the end of the event day to say thank you and celebrate what has been achieved.

Please support this unique and ambitious project, designed to show a different side to Milton Keynes.

Sign up now!

Register your interest in participating online here:

Alternatively, go to the website and download a registration form from here: and return to:

Kirsty Munro
Dominoes Registration
The Stables, Stockwell Lane
Milton Keynes
MK17 8LU