Milton Keynes Theatre is proud to support an extensive programme of Creative Learning activities in its venue and in the local community. We deliver a regular and varied programmes of events, workshops, school holiday activities and weekly classes for young people and adults.
Our varied programme includes;

In addition, we offer an annual ‘Work in Theatre’ course aimed at offering a hands-on experience for young people interested in a career in the theatre industry.
For the most up to date information on our workshops and offers please visit our Instagram @mktcreativelearming or Facebook: /mktcreativelearning
Youth Theatre
MKTYT enables participants the opportunity to learn about Drama and performance in a fun, supportive and inclusive environment. We offer a range of creative opportunities for young people of all abilities to help develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of drama. We achieve this through;

Sessions run in the theatre’s very own backstage studio which doubles as a rehearsal space for professional visiting companies.
To book a free trial session for our Youth Theatre please contact:
Phone: (01908) 547606/ 547650/ 547651
Book online:
Instagram: @mktcreativelearming
Facebook: /mktcreativelearning